A Grey Nursery

Leading up to my due date, I think I was more nervous about how I was going to decorate the nursery than actually delivering my baby.  The process of putting the room together was almost as long as the gestation period and much like pregnancy, it came together in stages.  First we bought the crib and dresser/change table, which sat in their boxes for a while before they were assembled.  Next came the paint and lastly the accessories.  Why did it take so long, you ask?  Two reasons: 1) we were preoccupied with other things, like work, and it just wasn’t a top priority and 2) we had just moved into our new home 10 days before baby arrived and all we had time to do before moving in was put in new flooring and paint, that is every room except the nursery since I didn’t know what color I wanted it to be.  We didn’t know if we were having a boy or a girl, but that didn’t matter.  I wasn’t going to paint it pink or blue anyway.   I wanted it gender neutral, for baby to be able to grow with it rather than outgrow it and for it to be an extension of our home rather than completely different and separate.  So, why was I having such a hard time with paint color?  Because we had painted the rest of our home (with my dad’s help) in 3 shades of grey: magnetic grey, universal grey and white mountain, which is actually light grey, not white as the name suggests.  And while my highly opinionated parents were cool with the living room, kitchen and master bedroom being grey, they thought that kids’ rooms should be bright and cheery and yellow of course.  Since the crib and dresser we purchased was slate colored, I gave yellow some serious consideration and we’d visited the paint store several times to only come home with a bunch of paint swatches.  An entire room painted in yellow just didn’t speak to me, especially when there wasn’t any yellow anywhere else in our home.  What spoke to me was grey.  So, secretly, without my parents knowing, we painted the room white, with a grey accent wall.  I’m such a rebel, I know.  After that was decided, the rest of the room came together more easily, albeit slowly, and was inspired by a picture we took soon after baby was born.  

image1 (4)

As cheesy as it sounds, she really was our little sunshine, the light of our lives.

So, we added touches of yellow here and there….a tree decal with yellow leaves and owls that was put up by one of the aunties, artwork and even a cute little gift bag from a dear friend (Charlie) that fit perfectly with the my little sunshine theme.



We introduced other colors through the textiles.  We have a green polka dot and a blue and white doggy change pad cover that goes with various cribs sheets with polka dot and animal prints in the same colors.  We also have a pink crib sheet that works well with the rest of the room if we are in a more girly mood.


For added storage and to hide her toys, we put in a cube organizer and introduced even more color with the pink and blue drawers.


The room is filled with special little touches and gifts for baby from family and friends –  a pair of bronze shoes that belonged to my husband, personalized artwork, a stuffed bear and a crocheted blanket made by her aunties.

DSC_0967DSC_1025 DSC_0972DSC_0970

2016-02-27 00.18.23

I really hope baby grows to love this room and all the little things that went into it.

What do you think of the grey and yellow?  Is the room colorful enough or is there too much color?  How did you go about decorating your baby’s nursery?  What were your nursery must haves?

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