My 8 Favorite Freezer Staples

I admit, I’m sometimes envious of the clothing and make-up hauls I see on YouTube, and calling my weekly groceries from Costco a ‘haul’ strangely makes me feel better.

Ever since I made the decision to stay home as a full time mom, the discretionary budget is tight and my previous spending on make-up, clothes and shoes suddenly seemed excessive so I cut waaaaaay back.  I suppose my daughter doesn’t really care about my OOTD, and she protests the entire time I try to apply my MOTD.  It’s not that she cares about groceries either but I just have a responsibility to feed her.


We will probably struggle to finish all the Romaine lettuce but the fuji apples and corns often don’t last the whole week because they are both so sweet and so juicy.  The strawberries are usually pretty decent too even though they aren’t organic.

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Some of the Costco product sizes are a bit large for our family of three (i.e. the 6 pack of Romaine lettuce), but the selection and quality makes it worth managing, especially the non-perishables and frozen goods.

I used to rarely use frozen foods but after my daughter got old enough to protest every grocery trip I try to take, I took to frozen quickly and was pleasantly surprised.  For example, the frozen broccoli from my local Costco consistently tastes sweeter than most fresh broccoli and it is so soft and tender without being mushy.


While I can’t get any “wok hei” with frozen, I now generally prefer it over fresh because there is no washing or prepping required, I can typically always have some on hand, and most importantly, I don’t have to worry about using up or wasting fresh broccoli.

Do you use frozen foods? What are your freezer staples? I love to always have these 8 items in the freezer:

  1. Frozen mixed vegetables
  2. Frozen broccoli
  3. Frozen meatballs (recipe)
  4. Frozen fish filet like Cod, Flounder, Salmon or Halibut
  5. Ravioli
  6. Hash Brown
  7. Marinated chicken
  8. Ice cream of some sort

With just a few pantry staples like rice or pasta, I am able to make a wide range of quick meals that my daughter will eat with these 8 frozen foods like congee (rice porridge), soup noodle with meatballs, fried rice, various chicken stir-fries, steamed fish with rice etc. This way I am able to plan fresh groceries and meals for only 4 days of the week but have meals as backup to maximize flexibility and minimize wastage.

The shopaholic in me can’t wait for the next haul, even if it’s only groceries 🙂