What underboob?

Just saw a very funny underbroom meme for the underboob challenge and after a quick stifled giggle, I started dreading my baby girl becoming a teenager.

I was grateful that I wasn’t flat yet always wanted bigger boobs to achieve certain looks in clothes and had entertained the idea of implants. The Mister gave a PC answer like “if it will make you happy”, while some other friends talked me out of it in the end. I think if I were flat, my decision might have gone the other way but I’ll never know.

Measuring Bust (bra)

Photo by Modellocate

During nursing, I enjoyed a brief period of my ideal breast size, 30DDD, but the rest of my body was not in my ideal shape to truly enjoy it. Then as I started to wean, I ended up smaller, at 30B instead of my pre pregnancy 30D even though I’m still almost 15 lbs heavier, and saggy.

How such small boobs can be so saggy is beyond me but after having my daughter, and experiencing how much my body can change to create and nourish her, I’m not going to change it with surgery and just join the small boobs club. I failed the under boob challenge and I’m disappointed but for once I’m far more worried about my baby becoming a teenager with the Internet than about the way my boobs look in a tank top or dress. Was that what they meant when they say motherhood changes you?

I might however taping a la Kim Kardashian though. Maybe I hadn’t changed that much? ┬áThere was this post

Did pregnancy change your body?