Hi! Stephanie here

Motherhood took an introvert, asked her to sit still in a quiet, dark room, for hours on end, day after day, while various limbs [and her babies] fell asleep attached to her. As an introvert, she refused to sleep, clinging desperately to wakefulness so she could bask in the solitude of the night. What to do when surrounded by two tiny tots who threaten to scream-cry should she decide to do anything louder than blink? The answer was easy for her, as this introvert happened to enjoy introspection. Since her first baby was born 3 years ago, she has come up with many thoughts. While none of these thoughts are earth shattering or even novel, they have been life changing for her and her family. This nightly forced meditation has resulted in her choosing to quit a career she had spent over a decade in post graduate education preparing for, because that was the only conclusion she could come up with that sat right with her.

Unfortunately, without proper tending of said thoughts, healthy internal inspection was growing into a ruminative cacophony, turning the formerly punctual perfectionist professional into a hot mess, and indecisive mommy. She agreed to contribute to this mommy blog, because she thought this may be a way to forcibly curate her thoughts. Perhaps some of her entries will keep someone else company while they sit with a sleeping baby.