Hiya I’m Charlie

aka the awkward mommy: closeted-romantic who secretly loves the rain (aka pluviophile- I learned a new word thanks to my brother), photoshop-fanatic, dork, animal lover, and most importantly, mommy to a toddler extraordinaire with awesome hair 🙂

Some women might be naturals at motherhood. Congratulations to you; I’m seething and boiling green with envy. While confident that I’m doing a good job, this motherhood thing is just not easy for me.  Don’t worry, baby might be crying a lot but she is safe and oh so spoiled with love. Those near-and-dear to me however might not be as safe as I oscillate maniacally between trying to be a super-mom and totally freaking out.  Shh, that’s not me hiding in the laundry room and tossing back M&Ms and taking shots of Diet Coke.

I will use this personal blog with some fellow mommies for creative release since dramatic screaming when the baby is asleep (finally) is not an option. I will also use this blog as a repository for online resources that are helping me navigate motherhood so they remain at my fingertips (instead of hours of googling away) and in the hopes that they may help someone also on this crazy journey.

Deciding to become a SAHM was one of the hardest choice I ever made and while I do not regret it the least bit, I do still ruminate putting my career on hold all the time.  I look forward to the day I rejoin the daily grind but until then, I value and love spending all my time with my daughter and exploring books together is definitely one of our most cherished activities.